29 June 2016

Hi once again

Hi everyone, still around after so many years. So what better way to restart than by reminding ourselves what we like - a video on the ladyboys of Pattaya.

16 May 2012

Indonesian Ladyboys

A sample of the type of ladyboys you would encounter in Indonesia, mainly in the capital Jakarta and some, I'm told, in Bali.
Generally, they have less of an attitude about them when compared to their sisters in Thailand. The trade off is, in some cases - looks.
They've yet to achieve the level of classiness and also, English is barely spoken amongst them.
There's about 20 of them showing off in the video, ages from 18 to 25.
Wait for the last batch, on average they look the best.
If anybody has information on the Waria, as the ladyboys in Indonesia are known, please do share your info by passing a comment.

22 April 2012

Ladyboys - Your questions answered

This is an introduction, quite a long one, 43 minutes of what ladyboys are (especially Thai ladyboys) and how they got that way and how they live their lives.
Lots of shots of beautiful ladyboys as well, so it's quite entertaining as well as being very informative.
This is an ideal video for a newbie but interesting enough for the seasoned ladyboy lover.

15 April 2012


Hijra-transgender-men-in--001 Hijras - the transgendered people of South Asia - India and Pakistan, are the equivalent of the ladyboys we know so much about.
The main difference is that they undergo castration. Castration is basically the removal of the testes. Castration after puberty can enable the Hijra to retain feelings of sexual arousal and orgasmic capabilities.
When comparing Hijras to ladyboys the other significant difference is that they tend to beg for a living and also bless new born babies. In the Indian culture some families see the blessing as an auspicious way of celebrating a birth. They are also involved in the sex trade but serve the lower end of the population.
Times are, of course, changing and lately the more effeminate boys tend to imitate their sisters from South East Asia and become the ladyboys we're more familiar with.

30 March 2012

Peach from China

This lovely lady is Peach (weibaobao) a cross-dresser from Beijing,China. She says she's "very horny, Looking for an older man to feminize me and dating with him being his slut secret cd lover. If U live in Beijing, please be my private man~ waiting for U……"
Email:wbbcd@yahoo.com.cn What do you think guys?

15 March 2012

Eva Lin

Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Asian American Ms Eva Lin. She was voted best newcomer at the 2011 Tranny Awards which was held on the 19th of February in Los Angeles.
She's currently one of the hottest pornstars in the States and looks like she's really going places. For more updated news on her check out her blog at - http://www.eva-lin.net/
Also, take a look at one of her movies here - http://xhamster.com/movies/936893/eva_lin.html